The Truth About Taking Action and How it Can Help In Building Your Business!

Kudos! It’s a enormous step to start your own internet business. Besides navigating information overload and the financial aspects, you’ve committed to a great investment in you.

“Why an investment in myself?” you ask.

Your decision, on a very crucial level, is you standing up to direct        your life. Starting your internet business may evolve into one of the most essential growth steps you’ll ever take. Many facets of your personality will be brought to light while building your business – knowing first and foremost that you are the one responsible. It is you who will accomplish your marketing venture and finding out that there are really no magic bullets, no easy, breezy floats to the top of the money pile.

Beginning will your biggest test – learning the lay of the internet terrain, the available software and finding your personal “place.” Do you want to set up a Mini Site or network of Mini Sites? Is affiliate marketing where you belong? Or does a service company beckon?

Focus will be another enormous challenge. There are so many byways and rabbit holes to jump into, you’ll feel like you've been caught up in an amusement park. But it is significant to give your complete concentration to your IM research for whatever amount of time you allot, even if it’s only an hour or two everyday. Whatever part of your online education you undertake, whether it’s writing a sales letter, figuring out the best way to build a list, or educating yourself on free marketing tools... give it your concentrated focus.

There is nothing offhand about marketing on the internet. You must know what you you plan to accomplish, the kind of customers you want to attract and the kind of business partners you desire to work with. Don’t get me wrong, you can change your direction…but concentrate completely on whatever course you have undertaken. Concentrate on that avenue while you are on it. Snoozing at the wheel, or “scenic distractions” just won’t cut it.

The common denominator of successful people has been boiled down to three words “Speed of Implementation.” The the minute you get an idea, fly with it, take it out for a spin, test drive it, see if it functions. ACT ON IT!  AND LEARN FROM YOUR ACTIONS!

Why are a fraction of the internet marketers making real money in IM ? Because most people sit around and think...should I do this…or that…but if I do, then maybe it will, maybe it won’t, and if this happens….or what if that…. They play at marketing in their minds, argue with themselves, wonder if that’s the thing they want to do, worry that if what they want will ever really happen, and they argue themselves out of doing rather than grabbing the bull by the horns and tasting the live result of learning first hand.

A successful painter friend used to say, “If you do the painting in your mind or talk about it long enough, you’ll never have to do it!”

Successful people ACT and LEARN FROM THEIR ACTIONS. They test their idea and get a response. They experience the effect.

Once you try it, "taste" it to actually see how it works, you’ll ascertain what skill you lack and need to implement. When you follow up, you advance... you get to see results. YOU LEARN!

And once you learn something, continue on. Implement what you learn. If you take a course on writing sales copy, run with it. Set up your autoresponder. Learn how to set up your squeeze page. Don’t mull the lessons over and over. MAKE IT REAL!


You are emeshed in a powerful, personal growing process whether you comprehend it or not. More than a marketing endeavor, it’s a self-training process. Kudos and I wish you an expansive growth experience.

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