Welcome to my Blog, Secrets to Public Speaking. The purpose of this Blog is to bring together all of the known, lesser known, myths and total secrets to overcome the fear of public speaking, technically and clinically called "glossophobia" but commonly and usually known as Stage Fright.

Anyone can become a successful public speaker or stage actor (yes, really!), if they are willing to understand AND DEAL WITH their strengths...and weaknesses, from a true parochial view. While there are many sites dealing with the subject of the fear of public speaking and stage fright, I have yet to see any of them teach the easiest methods to alleviate the pre-speech worrying about that certain speech or meeting.

I am talking about knowing for 2 months you have to give a speech in front of 500 or more people and you must prepare. Let no man misunderstand this type of stress. This type of fear; and stress, the racing heart, the sweaty palms, the heartbeat you hear in your head long before you have to actually deliver the speech on stage.

This aspect of Stage Fright, few have felt or understand, but as one progresses up the company ladder, male or female, the more you need to be prepared to be the best in class. Nothing else will do. Be scared or be prepared!

I can deliver this to you 100% for nominal costs. Simply email me, in summary format, your current business or personal situation; the last 4 years background on the job and what your desires/hopes to achieve. I do not care how old you are, or your sex. I am interested in your desire to not be afraid of speaking in front of people. 

This website is dedicated to delivering the best information of the period about the causes and methods of alleviating stage fright and the fear of public speaking that is available on the web today. I realize it will take time for this website to develop and for it to be ranked by Google.

So if you find this website before Google does, please email me and let me know the website has been found. LOL! Some of the articles are posted on this blog are from other people and companies.

Most will be random, but if I make a profit as an affiliate on any of the links on this site, it will be disclosed immediately underneath the link. This blog is not intended to be associated with affiliate commissions, but there will be good or excellent programs from time to time I will recommend.

If you are in need of relief of the stress of public speaking or stage fright, and it urgent, then this is your one stop for all the information you will need to become successful performing on stage. Feel free to email me. Terry@SecretsToPublicSpeaking.com

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  1. I think that the best way to overcome stage fright is to practice a lot before the big performance. Whether you are there to sing, dance or deliver a speech, you should really practice and master your pieces. Mastery and familiarity is the key. When you are really prepared, you will actually have more self-confidence. You will not worry about failing because you know that you have worked hard for the show. Practice a lot and the win will surely be yours.


  2. Good thing I was able to come across this blog because it is very informative. As someone who is always on stage delivering speeches, I admit that I still have a little bit of stage fright every once in a while. I prepare and practice a lot more than you can ever think of. I keep a positive disposition in life, but sometimes I can’t just help but think that I might make a mistake on stage. In order to beat my inner demons, I just see to it that I am enjoying the show.

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