Do The Laws Of Success apply to You?

There are two kindsof people  in the world . These two kinds of humans  are divided  into groups of successful and unsuccessful. The definition of the term "success" can vary depending upon  whom is asked. However, the very successful  person can be seen  by the way they live their lives. A man living in a one room house that is perfectly content, never wants for anything, and is never hungry can be considered successful. However, the opposite  can be true. A man or woman with a fifteen room mansion  and a few million  bucks  in the bank can be defined as unsuccessful. They may be chaotic and not able to make peace  within  themselves.

To truly live a successful and fulfilling  life requires more than solely acquiring  large amounts  of local currency. A man known as Napoleon Hill learned what lead to true  abundance   at the  dawn   of the twentieth-century . He grouped   these success factors  into a collection  of sixteen lessons known as " The  Laws   of Success".

The Law of Success is the original collection   dedicated to lifting  anyone from a state of rags and poverty to a state of  wealth  and a sense of self worth. The creator of this work had truly lived  his own version of this story . He was born in a  small   cabin in the Appalachian and lost his parents at an early age. From the time he was fifteen he worked, researched, and grew as  an individual   until he became connected with many of the most successful  people  in the world  during his time. He was even an adviser to two  distinct   presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Law of success  expands   on the virtues of taking  chances   when they present themselves, never giving up hope, always striving  toward success, and cutting  losses so that you can focus on more fruitful roots. The Philosophy of Achievement, as his personal beliefs  were called, expresses a removal of negative emotions such as fear and greed from the equation of success. The philosophy cites such controversial subjects as racism, slavery, and poverty as being obstacles  that every true American  must surmount to be truly successful. Democracy, Capitalism, and appropriate balance in the individual's  life are vital to success. A rich man can be miserable and a poor man can be truly happy. The wealthy  person  will be both.

When you ask yourself, " are the laws of success for me?" the true question should be, "Am I capable of accepting success and actively working toward it?" For those who are truly ready to succeed there are many locations on the net that have access to this information. One of the best is a site known as 16 Lessons. The site goes into great detail about the life and story of the writer of this work as well as discuss the book itself.

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