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Top Ten List of Stage Fright Tools

10.   Learn to Control your Breathing in any situation.

9.    Manage your energy so that you are neither lethargic nor edgy at performance time.

8.     Write or Type your Presentation and Highlight the important parts of your entire presentation. 

7.    Practice in front of friends, family, and whoever else you can get to watch. Slow Down your delivery! We all tend to talk much too fast when speaking. SLOW DOWN! Stop at the highlighted points you made for dramatic impact.

6.   Keep your Body Fit and Healthy so that you can fight stage fright’s adrenaline effects.

6.    Visualize your success. Practice on the actual stage, or in the delivery room, the night or morning before your on stage if you can. This helps immensely! Visualize looking into the audience as "perceived" eye contact seals the deal. You do not have to "see" the audience, just pretend to look directly at some of them. It is fun. It will help you relax because you know your subject and what you are saying!

4.    Use a professional performance coach. There are many.

3.  Use memorization techniques to commit your performance to memory, that follows the pages you typed.

2.    Become comfortable with coping mechanisms to manage the symptoms of stage fright you can't eliminate. BREATH! Relax! Calm. Deliver!

1.    Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice Makes Perfect...If you still need help, I talk in length about a secret that will guarantee you to perform the best you can. It is in my eBook, "Secrets to Public Speaking". eMail me for the low price and delivery of the eBook.

Remember, most people in any audience does not know what the presenter is talking about. Smile, do the Top Ten and know your presentation and people will follow you even if you stumble during the act. People feel sympathy for mistakes public speakers make and when you make a mistake, you are human and people don't care. So if you stumble or make a mistake, do not slow down, just a quick joke or just keep moving. It will be just fine!

Stage fright can be a scary, overwhelming experience. However, it does not have to ruin your business or performing life as it can be overcome. While presented here are may be several solutions for overcoming stage fright, there are more solutions available as well.

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Master the Stage

This has been a favorite technique of psychologists for years. By visualizing
yourself having achieved your goal, you prepare yourself for success. Just make
sure that you only visualize positive things, as negative visualizations are,
unfortunately, just as potent.

Whether you’ve only performed once or have performed a thousand times, a little
bit of professional coaching can make a huge difference in your performance
ability, your confidence level, and your stage fright. If you can’t afford a personal
coach, try a group coaching session or a class instead.

Understanding the Audience
The important thing to remember is that the audience is there to watch you
succeed. They are there to see a great show, which places them firmly on your

Understanding Your Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is the corner stone on which this whole book rests. While there
are an infinite number of techniques for minimizing and coping with the
symptoms of stage fright, only increased self-confidence can attack the fear at its

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A tried and true method for changing emotional reactions (like stage fright) to
certain situations (like performances). This method works best with professional
guidance, but has cured many different people of stage fright completely.

Somewhere in my research I ran across the above thoughts. It may help some people, as the thoughts are all good advice. I will write more about these thoughts in the near future. In the mean time do not blow a fuse when tasked to speak. It can be overcome quickly and for the long run. See more of my posts on this blog.

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Symptoms of Stage Fright – Agoraphobia

Symptoms of Stage Fright

You may have one, two, or all of these symptoms.

• Sweating palms
• Dizziness
• Dry mouth
• Tight throat
• Increased heart rate/pulse
• Nervous tension in the stomach (“butterflies”)
• Nausea and vomiting
• Shortness of breath
• High, squeaky voice
• Cold hands
• Trembling lips
• Uncontrollable shaking
• Weak and/or trembling knees
• Tightness in the chest
• Wobbling vibrato in the voice
• Disorientation
• Short term memory loss (forgetting lines, lyrics, key presentation points, etc.)

If any of these symptoms define your symptoms and feelings, read the post on this Blog. There are simple solutions hidden in some of the Posts. If you do the reading and research you will find them.

If you do not have time to read all the posts on this blog, I have an eBook for sale that will immediately help you and includes a long term strategy as well to deal with your fears.

Most of what you seek is in condensed form here on this Blog, actually in summary form, to help you get quick and long term relief from agoraphobia. I am a long term student of agoraphobia because on occasion, I get weak knees, too. :>)


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How Motivational Speakers Bewitch Their Audiences and Inspires Them

A few years ago motivational speaking was done more for fun than as a profession. Only a small number of people did it for earning and those who did it for a living were regarded as jokers. It is not the same anymore as there are very committed speakers presently who make very good proceeds from it. Nowadays there are qualified motivational speakers who are sincerely devoted to their work and its progress. In order to realize how serious the business is one needs to make a call to one of the speaker offices asking for an estimate for one of their best speakers. A lot of time and technique is needed to make a name as one of the best speakers as this is what determines how much a speaker charges.

There has been discussion to know if public speaking is a gift or an acquired expertise. The truth is that it involves talent that requires nurturing and development in order to reach the highest possible levels. It is not sufficient to have talent alone as it will only assist the speaker up to a certain level. Consequently, to get to the top of the abilities, learning, practice and instructions are needed. Once these have been employed the competence level of a motivational speaker can be measured. When measuring achievement and capabilities of speakers, there are two major factors to look at. They are the ability to make contact with the listeners and the capability to fascinate and connect with the audience.

A good message filled with information and good teachings is what the majority of motivational and conference speakers have. The impact on the listeners will be established by the delivery of this message. Poor delivery will result to a failed session as the listeners will have not achieved anything. The techniques used here are therefore very important and will determine success or failure. The needed outcome can be delivered by the speaker with the use of talent and skills.

The speaker ought to be a good narrator with outstanding language skills. No one wants to attend a session where they have to struggle to hear or understand the speaker. This leads to a shift of concentration from the message to the speaker’s capabilities as this is distracting. Another significant success aspect for motivational speaking is having a relative and involving session. It is a successful means of keeping the listeners focused on the conference as they are lively contributors. Suggestions, queries and input by the listeners in a guided and continuing way assist in keeping the session lively.

Another excellent technique of ensuring your audience remains captivated is through the use of examples and terms that the group relates to. Speaking to medical doctors while using medical terms and examples is bound to keep them interested as well as have a lasting impact. Study on the group you will be speaking to is necessary and also finding out what is general among them. Humor is also a great way to captivate audiences. Be careful though not to wind up being a comedian instead of a motivational speaker.

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Agoraphobia Help When Fear Strikes

Tired of hiding from people? Unwell of changing into residence bound? annoyed by your uncontrolled fear? No need to be in this kind of misery, get agoraphobia help and end agoraphobia now!

For individuals of you who are previously struggling from agoraphobia, do not simply tolerate this situation. You may believe it’s absolutely nothing serious but the fact is, it’s slowly killing you inside. Accurate that agoraphobia is not a persistent disorder, but for someone who lives in fear, that’s much more than killing on your own currently. And actually speaking, most extreme situations of agoraphobia guide to suicide.  Of training you don’t want issues to attain this far.  But that’s a reality. As time moves by, an untreated agoraphobia issue can produce into something much more critical such as insanity and suicide.

Of course you don’t desire to stay in fear, so why neglect which you are heading through? Even with the alarming continuous increase in amount of agoraphobia case, it ought to be produced crystal clear that Psychologists and authorities are carrying out constant investigation and research to arrive up with the best agoraphobia help they can provide to agoraphobia patients. Not only that, they have already extended their services online.

One great advantage of online agoraphobia help is it’s flexibility. Some agoraphobia cases are associated to social anxiety disorder or the condition characterized by the fear of being in a crowd, talking in front of somebody, doing anything in front of another person, or even using the public toilet. So these type of patients fear of facing anybody so a one on one session with a Psychologist may not apply to them. But if the program is online, these type of patients can still take advantage of what’s in the program without having to fear of facing other people.

Whether it’s available offline or online, having agoraphobia help is necessary for someone who goes through the suffering of this condition. And the best time to get agoraphobia help is right by the time you experience any symptoms of it. So while it’s early, act now, get agoraphobia help, and free yourself from fear.

Looking for the best agoraphobia help? Visit us at and experience how agoraphobia improve can make a distinction to your life.