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How to Visualize Clearly What You Want

Do you sometimes dream about the kind of life you truly want? If you could create the life you would really like over the course of the next five years, how would your life look then? What are some significant accomplishment you would like to have achieved? Do you believe your life will be any different than it is today?

It can be disconcerting to project yourself into the future like that. There is a lot of trepidation and uncertainly because the future is unknown. The Native Americans call the unknown future the Great Mystery. And they are bang- on. The future is a mystery and it can be great! The only thing about the future that you can know for sure, is that it is derived from what you dream, hope, and imagine.

The future comes to us in the images we create in our minds, or the ones we create from the conversations we have. This is why goal planning is so important. In fact, most progressive workplaces have incorporated this type of process in their performance evaluation cycle.

When you set specific goals for yourself, create an action plan and discuss them with your manager, supervisor, spouse, life coach, parents or mentor, you are purposefully co-creating your own future.

These images you hold about the future guide and inspire you. They influence your present actions and decisions. Just like a flower grows toward the sunlight, people grow and change in the direction of their brightest light. A light that is reflected by the images they hold about their future self.

You already the power within yourself to create the future you desire. When you access this infinite power, you can truly create anything you want!

Consider the following easy to use steps from a life coach in Denver to begin creating glorious and vivid images of your future self:

  • Picture yourself being the best you can possibly be.
  • Create images full of rich details
  • Use bright and vibrant colors to paint the pictures in your mind.
  • Imagine yourself having all the internal and external resources needed to achieve your goals.
  • Hold those images in your mind, day-by-day, moment-by-moment
  • Trust your instincts and let your visions guide you as you move forward toward your chosen goals.

Your images of the future are your lighted signposts.  If they burn in bright vibrant colors, you will be able to find your way to the future you desire no matter how dark your surroundings. Seize every opportunity available to you, to think about, and talk about your hopes, dreams, and aspirations. The more vivid they are the more real they become. With a powerful and dazzling collection of images about your fabulous future, you will find a way to live the life that will take you there!

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Dislodge Negative Thoughts

Like cancer, negative thinking can kill! It can kill and destroy our whole future. Negative thoughts affect the mind, body, and emotions and impede our efforts to find happiness.

Our belief affects the way we feel. We get angry by having angry thoughts. It is impossible to feel sad without sad thoughts. Unhappiness does not and cannot exist on its own. Unhappiness is the feeling that accompanies negative thinking.

So how do we overcome negative thoughts? Stop thinking about them! Our negative feelings are results of our own negative thinking. Apart from refraining to think about negative thoughts, we can turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

One effective technique is to learn a whole new set of happy words. These are words that make you feel positive. Other studies refer to these as “Positive Adjectives List” from The Apache Method (The Antidotal Positive Adjectives Character and Happiness Enhancement Method)

According to this particular study, which is based on Emmet Velton’s classic paper, “There has been a body of research empirically validating our ability to positively or negatively change our moods by reading phrases like “I feel very good” or “I am afraid.”

So, how do we go about dislodging thoughts of unhappiness?

1. Be aware. We have to catch ourselves when we are about to indulge in negative thinking. In the first few days, we have to be very vigilant.

2. As soon as we feel the onset of an unpleasant emotion, we have to identify it as precisely as possible. Is it hatred? Hurt? Fear? Anxiety? Discontent? This is a very critical component of the process as related to the next step.

3. Search for the exact opposite of the negative emotion. Think of its antonym. For example, the moment we catch ourselves feeling “lazy,” we would call to mind an opposite adjective like “energetic.” We would then say to ourselves, “I feel energetic.”

If we view ourselves as “pessimistic”, we say “I am hopeful.” If we feel we are “incompetent’, we say “I feel ingenious.” What do we say if we see ourselves as “unmindful”? We say, “I am grateful.”

Can we use the same strategy even if we do not feel any unpleasant feelings? Of course! We are encouraged to think and say to ourselves statements like “I feel fabulous” to reinforce our mood, or statements like “I feel strong” or “I feel friendly” in order to enhance our character.

Other people have introduced variations to the said technique. Others say it aloud in front of the mirror every morning for ten minutes for twenty-one days. Saying it aloud increases its effectiveness as it represents emotional involvement. This is the same as expressing positive affirmations and doing self-talk. Others find it more effective by writing the statements on paper, as they become more “physically” involved.

Try it out. It doesn’t matter which way you choose to use. What’s important is that you are aware of the direction your thoughts are going and change it. You’ll see a brighter, more positive you emerge and that is the secret to happiness.

We also have a self improvement blog where Patric Chan shares his personal success secrets and strategies regularly.

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Law of Attraction: Develop A Strong Positive Attitude With Subliminal Messages

Law of Attraction and Manifestation: Stay Positive At All Times With The Help Of Subliminal MP3s

One of the tools used by those utilizing the Universal Law of Attraction and Manifestation is audio recordings.  Keeping a positive mindset is vital in everyday life. Optimistic people get considerably more out of life, these people attract other positive people, they enjoy themselves much more, they look on the sunny side of life, and so they have more positive experiences - positivity attracts positivity.

If you can develop the abilty to think positively throughout hard circumstances then this will not simply elevate your mood, but it can help transform your life - you could for instance notice an opportunity when many people see a disaster, and it's usually people who are massively successful regardless of whether in work who are able to see the opportunity in disaster, or the possible benefits in a unfavorable situation.

When 99% of the population crumble, they look for the positive and achieve success.

It seems like some people have an innate capacity to be able to think naturally - these people simply just seem to only see the good side of any situation. They do not ever appear to get upset, they pick themselves up after a fall immediately, and at the very worst they manage to take an undesirable experience and learn from it rather than letting it continue to negatively affect them.

You might speculate exactly how this is possible, you might envy them, or be jealous of their capability to do this. The fact remains they don't possess anything special that makes them different. All that is different is within their mind; the way they think, and the way they evaluate the world. This isn't a built-in ability, but is something that all of us can change.

Due to positive early childhood experiences, or the right parental support and encouragement these people have become positive generally. They've naturally developed this particular capability, however you can master it the same.

Subliminal messages are a powerful tool - much like hypnosis - which is mainly used to specifically focus on the negative beliefs and thoughts within your subconscious mind - gradually the messages will build to overwrite these negatives for beneficial beliefs which will assist you to think positively in every situations.

Why not get started and re-shape your mind today with this positive attitude</a> album.  The Secret Law of Attraction can work for you and this is one of the many proven tools to assist you in using this law to your advantage.

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Using your Subconscious Mind Power to Create Success

Here is a quick and easy way to begin improving your life. You can use what I outline to attract abundance, happiness, better health, meet the right person or just put the fun back into your  life again.

All you have to do is learn how to direct the power of your subconscious mind, which I'm about to show you how to do.

First let's get the basics out of the way. Your subconscious mind creates your world. Your reality is a mirror image of your thoughts and beliefs.

What you think and focus on is what your subconscious mind creates in your life. Your life is a mirror of what is planted on your subconscious mind.

If you can't make ends meet or if you're in debt then you have a negative belief system about money deep-seated on your subconscious mind.

Knowing this you can change those thoughts and beliefs and change what's on your subconscious mind. How?

By clearly instructing the power of your mind and subconscious mind; more regularly known as your mind power. You can train your subconscious mind power to create the situations Eanything you want .

Your reality will consistently be a mirror of what is going on in your mind and subconscious mind. If you're positive and open minded you'll have positive and optimistic people around you .

If you have negative and pessimistic people around you then you know that you’re negative and pessimistic. You can also look at your relationships to get a clear idea of what is on your subconscious mind.

If you have happy, loving and harmonious relationships then you have positive beliefs about relationships on your subconscious mind. If you have a negative, difficult, unsettling relationship then you have negative beliefs about relationships on your subconscious mind.

Next, take a look at your wealth and see if you have an abundance of wealth ;  is your financial house in order? Is there cash in the bank? If not then a part of you is focused on lack and not abundance . It shows that you don't have a wealth and success oriented mindset.

Now don't get angry by what you find. You can improve things . By taking charge of your thoughts and beliefs you'll re-direct the power of your subconscious mind. You are in charge of of your mind. Get your mind and subconscious mind focused on wealth, success, joy and the things you want and you'll start attracting the opportunities into your life.

What You Can Do To Attract Abundance

If you want more abundance, wealth, success and happiness then start paying more attention to your thoughts. Take a look at the thoughts you have regularly and start sending to your mind and subconscious mind thoughts of abundance, wealth, success and happiness.

Keep giving your mind new information; look for possibilities instead of whining or worrying about the limitations. Don't feel sorry for yourself take charge of your mind and direct your subconscious mind power to create the situations you want. See yourself living the life you want and don't tolerate any negative thoughts.

Doing this regularly will get your mind and subconscious mind working for you so that you begin attracting the situations to create an abundance of wealth and success .

Finally if you want immediate results you'll have to exercise more patience . Change does not happen overnight . Why? Because when you redirect your subconscious mind a message , when you instruct it to create opportunities for you - it will. But you have to take a look at the opportunities presented. Don't expect things to fall into your lap, they won't. 

If you don't explore the opportunities presented then you are denying yourself a chance at changing your situation . Remember that the subconscious mind has to have time to go to work and generate these opportunities. It usually doesn't take very long but patience is essential because you want to be on the proper track. So if you want things now - you'll get them quickly - but you have to be open-minded.

Start changing your thoughts, focus on what you want and you'll begin to direct your subconscious mind power to create the life you want.

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Do The Laws Of Success apply to You?

There are two kindsof people  in the world . These two kinds of humans  are divided  into groups of successful and unsuccessful. The definition of the term "success" can vary depending upon  whom is asked. However, the very successful  person can be seen  by the way they live their lives. A man living in a one room house that is perfectly content, never wants for anything, and is never hungry can be considered successful. However, the opposite  can be true. A man or woman with a fifteen room mansion  and a few million  bucks  in the bank can be defined as unsuccessful. They may be chaotic and not able to make peace  within  themselves.

To truly live a successful and fulfilling  life requires more than solely acquiring  large amounts  of local currency. A man known as Napoleon Hill learned what lead to true  abundance   at the  dawn   of the twentieth-century . He grouped   these success factors  into a collection  of sixteen lessons known as " The  Laws   of Success".

The Law of Success is the original collection   dedicated to lifting  anyone from a state of rags and poverty to a state of  wealth  and a sense of self worth. The creator of this work had truly lived  his own version of this story . He was born in a  small   cabin in the Appalachian and lost his parents at an early age. From the time he was fifteen he worked, researched, and grew as  an individual   until he became connected with many of the most successful  people  in the world  during his time. He was even an adviser to two  distinct   presidents, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Law of success  expands   on the virtues of taking  chances   when they present themselves, never giving up hope, always striving  toward success, and cutting  losses so that you can focus on more fruitful roots. The Philosophy of Achievement, as his personal beliefs  were called, expresses a removal of negative emotions such as fear and greed from the equation of success. The philosophy cites such controversial subjects as racism, slavery, and poverty as being obstacles  that every true American  must surmount to be truly successful. Democracy, Capitalism, and appropriate balance in the individual's  life are vital to success. A rich man can be miserable and a poor man can be truly happy. The wealthy  person  will be both.

When you ask yourself, " are the laws of success for me?" the true question should be, "Am I capable of accepting success and actively working toward it?" For those who are truly ready to succeed there are many locations on the net that have access to this information. One of the best is a site known as 16 Lessons. The site goes into great detail about the life and story of the writer of this work as well as discuss the book itself.