Top Ten List of Stage Fright Tools

10.   Learn to Control your Breathing in any situation.

9.    Manage your energy so that you are neither lethargic nor edgy at performance time.

8.     Write or Type your Presentation and Highlight the important parts of your entire presentation. 

7.    Practice in front of friends, family, and whoever else you can get to watch. Slow Down your delivery! We all tend to talk much too fast when speaking. SLOW DOWN! Stop at the highlighted points you made for dramatic impact.

6.   Keep your Body Fit and Healthy so that you can fight stage fright’s adrenaline effects.

6.    Visualize your success. Practice on the actual stage, or in the delivery room, the night or morning before your on stage if you can. This helps immensely! Visualize looking into the audience as "perceived" eye contact seals the deal. You do not have to "see" the audience, just pretend to look directly at some of them. It is fun. It will help you relax because you know your subject and what you are saying!

4.    Use a professional performance coach. There are many.

3.  Use memorization techniques to commit your performance to memory, that follows the pages you typed.

2.    Become comfortable with coping mechanisms to manage the symptoms of stage fright you can't eliminate. BREATH! Relax! Calm. Deliver!

1.    Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice Makes Perfect...If you still need help, I talk in length about a secret that will guarantee you to perform the best you can. It is in my eBook, "Secrets to Public Speaking". eMail me for the low price and delivery of the eBook.

Remember, most people in any audience does not know what the presenter is talking about. Smile, do the Top Ten and know your presentation and people will follow you even if you stumble during the act. People feel sympathy for mistakes public speakers make and when you make a mistake, you are human and people don't care. So if you stumble or make a mistake, do not slow down, just a quick joke or just keep moving. It will be just fine!

Stage fright can be a scary, overwhelming experience. However, it does not have to ruin your business or performing life as it can be overcome. While presented here are may be several solutions for overcoming stage fright, there are more solutions available as well.

Discovering What Inspires You

It might seem obvious to most that finding what motivates you is a simple process, but what is sometimes obvious and right in front of you, can at the same time be also oblivious and well hidden. Haven't you experienced something simple like you simply aren't able to pick up where is the container even though it is just right in front of you?. Similarly, we do have talents that are hidden but undiscovered, only waiting for be found. Unfortunately for many of us, this could never really happen, even in one's whole life.

Well, in your perspective, in could be nothing out of the blue to find things that motivates you in life; it's just piece of puzzle in your life. Yet, to some people, it could be the humble and monotonous events in the life and we got to bite the bullet to accept them. You may not require more things in life, and the simple explanation being you are grateful and happy enough to be motivated by the kind of things that you embark on. In short, raising up your family in the best possible manner and devoting a lot of quality family time like going for family travel a couple of times a year. There is so much more in finding what motivates you and in doing so, making your life much more complete.

Well, I do understand there are kind of acitivities in many person's lives that reward them with a short quick spurts of motivation. However, these vagaries soon slip into the back alleys of their memories. This can vary from an achievement in sport, a lucky win at the casino or from any kind of windfall received. I think that such motivations are not related to a person's inherent talents or knowhow. You may need to dip in more to understand your genuine passions or talents. When you begin to do so, only then will you begin finding what motivates you.

A whole new world can be opened up when we realise our passion and interests and what can be accomplished by them. When there is purpose to what we are pursuing, there is real fire in the belly and through this, motivation can reach sky high. You will wake up each and every morning with a new zest for life and look forward to what each each day brings. It is no longer a forced motivation that it was perhaps previously, but natural in every way. It will no longer be a toil to finding what motivates you, as your natural self motivation carries you on to your very next success.

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The Benefits Of Thinking Positive

From around the age of eleven when I started high school to the age of twenty-two I was not exactly a happy person. One person actually mentioned that I walked around like I had the weight of the world and its problems on my shoulders.

You may be wondering what my troubles were. I developed a speech impediment when I was just a young boy. Stuttering put a huge dent in my confidence and made me withdraw into my shell and the lack of beneficial stuttering therapy didn't exactly help.

I had a weight problem which was mainly caused by comfort eating when I was depressed. Since birth, I have had a bald patch on my head, it is not a large area of baldness, however it was big enough for people to notice and mock me. I was always the shortest person in the class and for a male I am well below the average height at five-foot four. I have struggled in my career working selling air compressors and abac compressors however I am now doing better. 

When I was aged about 18 I enjoyed an evening out with one of my best friends called John. John was one of the people I had always been jealous of for many different reasons. On this particular evening we were both fairly drunk and John had became quite emotional. During our conversation he told me that his father was an alcoholic and that at certain times when he arrived home worse for wear that he would hit his mom. He was very worried about this and was not sure what to do.

I have learnt that we all have problems and that in most cases there is always people worse off than ourselves. I now try to think in a much more positive way and am very happy with the cards I have been dealt.

Unknown Author

Need a Motivational Speaker?

Maybe the question shouldn’t be do you need a motivational speaker, but rather could you benefit from one, since obviously one won’t make the difference between life and death. Nobody needs a motivational speaker, but almost everyone could benefit from one in some respect. Everybody, regardless of age, occupation or personality will have a time in their life when they aren’t trying their hardest or achieving everything they can be. Whatever the situation, a motivational speaker could help.

Many of the best motivational speakers work solely as speakers and tour venues on invites from various organisations. They almost always charge a fee. Despite the outlay of paying for the motivational speaker, they do produce results, tangible and otherwise and are usually considered to be worth the investment.

Schools sometimes employ a motivational speaker to deliver strong messages to students. The speakers often have quirky ways of delivering their message and might have their own personal idiosyncrasies. A lot of the time the motivational speaker works to make students question their beliefs and perceptions about themselves and others and challenge prejudice.

In other cases, the motivational speaker helps to boost attainment. The important thing in this context is to help students to improve their self confidence and self belief and to pass on a message that each student has control of his own destiny.

Business managers also employ a motivational speaker from time to time. This is not a regular occurrence but is common at large training seminars or annual meetings. In times of low morale and reduced productivity a motivational speaker can be of help. The speaker can help to instil a shared vision and aim in the staff. Morale is always higher in companies where large proportions of the staff share a goal and a belief that they can achieve it. As a result businesses can look forwarded to a more comfortable working atmosphere, happier staff and increased productivity.

Access the Incredible Power in Your Mind

Through new books about the Laws of Attraction and the sub conscious mind, people are realizing that sub conscious beliefs and attitudes make their way into the physical world.

If you think of poverty, you will bring it into your life.

If you think financial freedom, you will pull wealth into your life.

If you think of illness and disease, these things will be brought unto you.

If you give attention to health, you will find a lifetime full of health.

Attitudes are things and the nature of your attitudes directs the course of your life. control the sub conscious mindset so that it brings you desirable results as opposed to undesirable fruits is simply a matter of moving the thoughts that you allow in your conscious mind set.

We all think thousands of thoughts on a daily basis. A attitude alone does not have power, but a attitude that is given attention on a regular basis and with great emotion does.

Therefore to take control of your sub-conscious mindset, consequently persuading the entire course of your life, you simply need to control and monitor the thoughts that you hold in your thinking mind.

If you want health, wealth, achievement, and happiness, you need to make these dominant thoughts in your mind set. Picture yourself perfect in every way. What does your life look like, how do you feel, what situations do you find yourself in?

Knowing the answer to these simply questions, and keeping the vision of these things foremost in your mind, will give you the power to create your own destiny.

The difference between a happy and successful life and a miserable and unachievementful life stems from the thoughts and attitudes in the mind of the individual. The only thing you have control over is your attitudes, but by take control of your attitudes, you will take control of the circumstances of your life.

Many people think we live in a strictly physical world, but the truth is that we live in a spiritual world that manifests itself in the physical reality.

When you take control of the spiritual world, which you do every day with your attitudes, you’re able to direct the course of your life in any way that you choose.

Think attitudes of health, thoughts of wealth, thoughts of success, of harmonious relationships, and of overall satisfaction and happiness. The more attention you give to these positive things, the more of them you will find showing up in your life.

And just as darkness cannot reside in the presence of light, negative thoughts and there consequent results, cannot reside in the presence of positive attitudes.

Therefore, the more positive your thoughts, the more positive experiences and the less negative ones you will have thanks to the more money.