Top Ten List of Stage Fright Tools

10.   Learn to Control your Breathing in any situation.

9.    Manage your energy so that you are neither lethargic nor edgy at performance time.

8.     Write or Type your Presentation and Highlight the important parts of your entire presentation. 

7.    Practice in front of friends, family, and whoever else you can get to watch. Slow Down your delivery! We all tend to talk much too fast when speaking. SLOW DOWN! Stop at the highlighted points you made for dramatic impact.

6.   Keep your Body Fit and Healthy so that you can fight stage fright’s adrenaline effects.

6.    Visualize your success. Practice on the actual stage, or in the delivery room, the night or morning before your on stage if you can. This helps immensely! Visualize looking into the audience as "perceived" eye contact seals the deal. You do not have to "see" the audience, just pretend to look directly at some of them. It is fun. It will help you relax because you know your subject and what you are saying!

4.    Use a professional performance coach. There are many.

3.  Use memorization techniques to commit your performance to memory, that follows the pages you typed.

2.    Become comfortable with coping mechanisms to manage the symptoms of stage fright you can't eliminate. BREATH! Relax! Calm. Deliver!

1.    Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice Makes Perfect...If you still need help, I talk in length about a secret that will guarantee you to perform the best you can. It is in my eBook, "Secrets to Public Speaking". eMail me for the low price and delivery of the eBook.

Remember, most people in any audience does not know what the presenter is talking about. Smile, do the Top Ten and know your presentation and people will follow you even if you stumble during the act. People feel sympathy for mistakes public speakers make and when you make a mistake, you are human and people don't care. So if you stumble or make a mistake, do not slow down, just a quick joke or just keep moving. It will be just fine!

Stage fright can be a scary, overwhelming experience. However, it does not have to ruin your business or performing life as it can be overcome. While presented here are may be several solutions for overcoming stage fright, there are more solutions available as well.