Finally, An Anti Fog Product That Works; C-Clear Anti Fog Gel and Spray

This is off the subject of fear of public speaking, but when you find good products, I think you should let everyone know about it.

I ride a mountain bike and wear eyeglasses. My eyeglasses fog up when I am on a long ride. So I am constantly looking for a good anti fog product.

I think I have tried all of the anti fog products on the market today. None have worked up until I found this product C-Clear. They make a gel and a liquid that comes in easy to use spray bottles.

The gel works the best for me. The spray is good for cleaning my eyeglasses and bike helmet but the gel has the strength I need for my fogging problem. Anyone that has a fogging problem like myself understands the need to prevent it.

I also cannot believe the product is actually made here in the USA! But it is. In Las Vegas, Nevada I might add.

So check out their website and products at: C-Clear_Anti_Fog