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Remarkable Feats Can Be Accomplished With Positive Thinking!

Positive thinking is a habit . Positive thinking is something you learn over time. Positive thinking is something you develop with practice.

I’m sure you've heard of positive thinking and may have read books about the subject. A lot of people believe that positive thinking is something you do on occasion. I often hear people say: “I’m a positive thinker, things will improve I know that.” This is good but it’s not enough to create the kind of positive changes you want in life.

Why not?

Because positive thinking is not an mental attitude that you can just turn on when things go wrong.

Positive thinking is not something you do once in a while.

Positive thinking is a practice! That’s right a practice! Positive thinking needs to be done every day throughout the day . By practicing positive thinking every day you create a state of mind where you are perpetually positive, it becomes a state of being positive. You create a tremendous amount of positive energy that only creates positive situations for you every day.

Doctors now believe that having a positive attitude; working with positive thinking every day can improve your health.

In fact, researchers found that having an optimistic outlook can do wonders for a patient’s recovery after surgery. Researchers studied 16-patients over a 30-year period, focusing on their attitudes and recovery after surgery. "In each case the better a patient's expectations about how they would do after surgery or some health procedure, the better they did," said author Donald Cole, of the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto.

"The power of positive thinking is real", said ABCNEWS' Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman. "This mind-body connection that we have been toying with for the past couple of decades really does have hard science behind it," Snyderman said. The study looked at patients who had a wide range of conditions from back pain to heart problems. They found that patients who thought they would do well after surgery did do well. Those who thought they wouldn’t do so well didn’t fare well.

So how do you develop positive thinking ?

It's pretty simple.

Start by observing yourself . Pay attention to your thoughts. Notice how many are positive and how many are negative. Keep a notepad handy and write down the number of positive thoughts that you have and the number of negative thoughts you have. At the end of your day take a look at the number and start changing the negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

The next day observe your thoughts again . This time pay attention to the types of negative thoughts that you're having. See how they impact your life. Are these negative thoughts a part of reality is that the way life is? For example: if you say you hate your job, do you really hate it? If you say your boss is a pain, is he/she really a pain? If these negative thoughts are a part of your life then you have created your own negative reality.

Every negative belief you have is represented in your life. These beliefs are based on your thoughts.

Thoughts repeated over and over again become a belief and a belief become reality. Negative thoughts repeated over and over again create a negative reality. Positive thoughts create a positive reality.

First you have to chnage your negative thoughts and negative beliefs. Then you can begin creating a positive attitude and ultimately you begin practicing positive thinking every day. In order to get the most out of positive thinking you have to make it a way of life.

So begin by getting rid of those negative thoughts and negative beliefs, which serve you no purpose, except to destroy your life . Then you’ll begin having a positive attitude and start enjoying life again.

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The Truth About Taking Action and How it Can Help In Building Your Business!

Kudos! It’s a enormous step to start your own internet business. Besides navigating information overload and the financial aspects, you’ve committed to a great investment in you.

“Why an investment in myself?” you ask.

Your decision, on a very crucial level, is you standing up to direct        your life. Starting your internet business may evolve into one of the most essential growth steps you’ll ever take. Many facets of your personality will be brought to light while building your business – knowing first and foremost that you are the one responsible. It is you who will accomplish your marketing venture and finding out that there are really no magic bullets, no easy, breezy floats to the top of the money pile.

Beginning will your biggest test – learning the lay of the internet terrain, the available software and finding your personal “place.” Do you want to set up a Mini Site or network of Mini Sites? Is affiliate marketing where you belong? Or does a service company beckon?

Focus will be another enormous challenge. There are so many byways and rabbit holes to jump into, you’ll feel like you've been caught up in an amusement park. But it is significant to give your complete concentration to your IM research for whatever amount of time you allot, even if it’s only an hour or two everyday. Whatever part of your online education you undertake, whether it’s writing a sales letter, figuring out the best way to build a list, or educating yourself on free marketing tools... give it your concentrated focus.

There is nothing offhand about marketing on the internet. You must know what you you plan to accomplish, the kind of customers you want to attract and the kind of business partners you desire to work with. Don’t get me wrong, you can change your direction…but concentrate completely on whatever course you have undertaken. Concentrate on that avenue while you are on it. Snoozing at the wheel, or “scenic distractions” just won’t cut it.

The common denominator of successful people has been boiled down to three words “Speed of Implementation.” The the minute you get an idea, fly with it, take it out for a spin, test drive it, see if it functions. ACT ON IT!  AND LEARN FROM YOUR ACTIONS!

Why are a fraction of the internet marketers making real money in IM ? Because most people sit around and think...should I do this…or that…but if I do, then maybe it will, maybe it won’t, and if this happens….or what if that…. They play at marketing in their minds, argue with themselves, wonder if that’s the thing they want to do, worry that if what they want will ever really happen, and they argue themselves out of doing rather than grabbing the bull by the horns and tasting the live result of learning first hand.

A successful painter friend used to say, “If you do the painting in your mind or talk about it long enough, you’ll never have to do it!”

Successful people ACT and LEARN FROM THEIR ACTIONS. They test their idea and get a response. They experience the effect.

Once you try it, "taste" it to actually see how it works, you’ll ascertain what skill you lack and need to implement. When you follow up, you advance... you get to see results. YOU LEARN!

And once you learn something, continue on. Implement what you learn. If you take a course on writing sales copy, run with it. Set up your autoresponder. Learn how to set up your squeeze page. Don’t mull the lessons over and over. MAKE IT REAL!


You are emeshed in a powerful, personal growing process whether you comprehend it or not. More than a marketing endeavor, it’s a self-training process. Kudos and I wish you an expansive growth experience.

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Is Coaching for Self Improvement You

What is Life Coaching ? It is a method of having clients make more important decisions about their professional or personal lives. Coaches help the person in learning about themselves, their important relationships, styles of learning, leading, managing employees, devising decisions and managing conflict. Coaching is an effective process for individuals to discover what’s important –in their personal values– and to be more successful in acting on what’s important. Life Coaching is a developmental method based on identifying and buildingimproving upon the individual’s strengths and internal resources.

How does life coaching work? Through a series of sessions with a professional coach , individuals identify goals, limiting assumptions to success and action steps to help them achieve their goals. The coach helps the individual in keeping to priorities they say are important. Coaches ask good questions that support learning and render supportive reinforcement to put new insights into practice.

The number of sessions do vary based on the clients needs. The coaching arrangement and financial compensation are negotiated between the individual and the coach.

How does coaching benefit individuals and business leaders? While coaching has been a professional development resource in the private sector world, individuals and staff have only recently come to realize the importance of coaching for learning to cope with the multiple challenges and stresses of every day life. A contrasting result for some coaching clients have been reaching clarity that it was time for them to move on. In this case, the individual felt more empowered and in control of their life.

How is life coaching different from counselling or therapy? The intent of life coaching is to help the client identify personal and professional strengths and build methods based on these strengths to accomplish their goals. Coaching does not delve into the personal story or psychological development of the client.

Is it the same as consulting? Not really. Inherent in consulting is the notion there is some expert background knowledge that the consultant can share with the client. It is known that with coaching, the solutions can be found within the individual. The coach’s function is to help surface these solutions.

What happens if I want to stop the life coaching process? We will work with you until you are successful in achieving your goals or the approach you require. If you wish to stop the coaching altogether, then please let us know and you will be reimbursed for the balance of unused coaching time.

Find out if Life Coaching is the right way for you.  Find a coach. Take the coachability self improvement assessment today!

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3 Ways To Crush it With Teleseminars

Hosting a teleseminar? Here's an quick and easy checklist ot follow each time you host a live or automated teleseminar.

Step 1: Create Your Title

Before creating a call and blasting "something" out and attracting people you need to have a focus and a good hook to get people to show up on your calls. If it's a boring sounding headline like "Ways to Save Money" ... guess what? The crickets are a comin'. But on the flip side if it's something like " 10 Ways To Save $599 Dollars Today " my guess is your call will be packed!

So create a killer title that gets people excited. No broing dull stuff here.

Step 2: Create Your Registration Page

What is your goal for this teleseminar? Is it to get more cusomters, more leads, more exposure? So to start building a list, you need to create a sign up page that captures, at a minimum, their name, and email address so you can follow up with them via email. Text messaging is a great way to notifiy your registered attendee's that it's going live soon.

On your registration page, you want to have a big bold promise , a a sub-headline that says what else they will learn , some body copy giving the visitor a reason why to attend the call, what they are going to learn , a call to action (ie: sign up now!), and your registration form to gather their name and email.

Step 3: Create Your "Thank You Page"

Finally, you want to create the "thanks" page. This is the page that the new registered person will see to get their call in information. If you want to confirm their email address using a double opt-in confirmation, you'll want to guide them to check their email to get the call-in information.

You can also offer an upsell at this point. Since they have already raised their hand saying, "I'm interested in this topic ", why not offer them something that they can buy right there to "do their homework" before the call even starts.

It's a money maker.

That's a simple checklist of things you need to start your teleseminar, generating leads, customers, and in the end growing your business. Find out more how to make more money using automating teleseminar and to do teleseminar marketing.

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How to use conversation and hypnosis to improve your life

Conversational Hypnosis - How to Use Conversational Hypnosis to Improve Your Life

Conversational hypnosis (additionally referred to as Neuro Linquistic Programming - NLP) is a collection of methods to swiftly connect or develop rapport with someone and sway their behavior, desires, and actions to carry out just what you want by conversing with their subconscious mind. However , I'm certain what you care about most is discovering just how to make use of conversational hypnosis for you to considerably enhance your life. Within this article, I will present a few methods you can utilize conversational hypnosis and methods that actually have already been used by other people.

Simply stated, you can make use of conversational hypnosis methods to attain just about anything that needs other people to perform something. This can not be applied on inanimate things (e.g., in order to win the lottery), to cure disease, to change yourself, or anything else that does not involve other people. However, if you would like someone else to perform something... or not do something... that is exactly what these methods are all about.

To make use of these techniques, all you have to do is communicate with the person you want to take action. You can communicate silently, by talking in person, by talking over the phone, or in writing (e.g., in letters, e-mail, web pages, and even mobile phone texting). The following is a listing of things you can accomplish whenever you make use of conversational hypnosis:

    * Get your employer to offer you a raise or promotion
    * Take charge in an interview to obtain a new job
    * To inspire and also command staff members, co-workers, superiors, customers, suppliers, and partners
    * Get hold of more dates and have enjoyable, fulfilling relationships
    * Repair your marriage; re-kindle the romance
    * Get your kids to willingly perform their tasks and homework
    * Strike up conversations with anyone including complete strangers
    * Get your rent payments lowered
    * Get your tenants to pay the rent
    * Get discounts when purchasing cars, houses, or nearly anything else
    * Establish brand new business relationships
    * Get more sales opportunities and also close more sales
    * Obtain better terms when negotiating
    * Get rid of aggravation, dissatisfaction, and pain from your life

As stated earlier, in the event that you would like anything that requires someone else to do something... or not do something... that is specifically when you will want to use conversational hypnosis.