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Discovering What Inspires You

It might seem obvious to most that finding what motivates you is a simple process, but what is sometimes obvious and right in front of you, can at the same time be also oblivious and well hidden. Haven't you experienced something simple like you simply aren't able to pick up where is the container even though it is just right in front of you?. Similarly, we do have talents that are hidden but undiscovered, only waiting for be found. Unfortunately for many of us, this could never really happen, even in one's whole life.

Well, in your perspective, in could be nothing out of the blue to find things that motivates you in life; it's just piece of puzzle in your life. Yet, to some people, it could be the humble and monotonous events in the life and we got to bite the bullet to accept them. You may not require more things in life, and the simple explanation being you are grateful and happy enough to be motivated by the kind of things that you embark on. In short, raising up your family in the best possible manner and devoting a lot of quality family time like going for family travel a couple of times a year. There is so much more in finding what motivates you and in doing so, making your life much more complete.

Well, I do understand there are kind of acitivities in many person's lives that reward them with a short quick spurts of motivation. However, these vagaries soon slip into the back alleys of their memories. This can vary from an achievement in sport, a lucky win at the casino or from any kind of windfall received. I think that such motivations are not related to a person's inherent talents or knowhow. You may need to dip in more to understand your genuine passions or talents. When you begin to do so, only then will you begin finding what motivates you.

A whole new world can be opened up when we realise our passion and interests and what can be accomplished by them. When there is purpose to what we are pursuing, there is real fire in the belly and through this, motivation can reach sky high. You will wake up each and every morning with a new zest for life and look forward to what each each day brings. It is no longer a forced motivation that it was perhaps previously, but natural in every way. It will no longer be a toil to finding what motivates you, as your natural self motivation carries you on to your very next success.

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Fantastic Speakers

Inspiration or motivational speakers specialise in making professional speeches to lift up, motivate and engage the audience. Motivational speaker may communicate a new strategy with clarity to help employees see whats happening in a positive light and pull the workers together.


Some speakers can be labelled as both motivational and inspirational at the same time but there is a difference in the two types. A warm and encouraging message based on a storey of overcoming an obstacle is normally delivered by an inspirational speaker. A motivational speaker on the other hand will deliver a presentation which is energetic and encouraging to the people attending to go on and perform something.

Motivational speakers who are good

We have seen many excellent speakers in the last few decades and some that were great but cut their careers short by some of the things they have mentioned within their speeches. Some of the most notable ones are: Canfield, Jack - co-creator to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that boasts close to 200 titles in it all contain motivational essays and stories. Jack also specialises in self esteem seminers in the US, and also written books on the matter as well, he also is the founder of Self Esteem Seminars in Culver City and Santa Barbara, California. Deepak Chopra is an American physician born in India and is an author and lecturer on Ayurveda spirituality and mind-body medicine. Late in the 80's he began to publish self help books on New Age Spirituality and the alternative medicines. Chris Gardner a self made millionaire and entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as motivational speaker. Who in the early 80s was struggling with homelessness when raising his toddler son. Chris released his memories in 2006 in a book called the Pursuit of Happiness, which was released as a holiday movie later that year. Tony Robins also an American self help author as well as motivational speaker and written some excellent books as well. Unlimited power was published in 1987 and discusses topics of health and energy, overcoming fears and persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. What makes these people so succesful is what they talk and write about. Just like inspirational motivational speakers. They themselves have gone through or know people who have and so researched and then written books or papers on this. So gives them the great energy to pass onto you and make your spine tingle.

Motivational speakers in today society

Modern motivational speakers are used by corporations to help increase profits and can do this as motivated employees are kept focused and on track and work harder for the end goal. Compared to those that are no longer motivated in their job do the bare minimum to do their job and so causing a drain on the company and lowering profits. This type of speech a speaker will come prepared with things such as humour containing a message to help motivate the employees. A speakers knows that so many people today lack their self confidence and so in some roles this can make there job harder especially in sales roles and so give a new self-confidence can help greatly. This will give new energy and positive thoughts and renew the commitment to their job.

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Affirmations – A Form of Positive Self Talk

Affirmations are a form of talking to yourself in a positive manner. The opposite is negative self-talk, which so many of us are so good at. The idea here is to replace that negative self-talk with something far better, positive self-talk. This will have a long lasting effect on your self of self-worth and your power to accomplish whatever you want to achieve.

Let's try this (it's a test of the emergency affirmation system:) Start by saying, "I like myself" 10 times, in a row, quickly: "I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself, I like myself..."

What did that do for you? Did it make you feel good? Silly? I picked that one up from one Michael Clouse, who got it from Brian Tracy.

I felt odd when I first tried it out, it felt wrong somehow. What did saying that do for you? Generally we aren't taught to like or respect ourselves. Our training sometimes seems to teach us not to like ourselves. After all, we know ourselves, right?

We all participate in our own self talk. That's what we say to and about ourselves when we're the only one's listening. Our thoughts count, too. How many of us treat ourselves like we'd treat someone who we're tying to encourage? Not many of us.

Generally, we're our own worst critics. Now imagine many years of this nonsense, where are we? This is what the positive thought is intended to reverse. The idea behind positive affirmations is to get us to say things, to ourselves, that are a much more positive and uplifting than what we have been saying. This has endless positive benefits, such as improved self esteem and better results in all the things that we try.

Used properly affirmations can make a big difference in our lives and the lives of those around us. After all, we may tease the person who is always positive, but isn't it much nicer to be around him (or her) than the one who is always tearing himself/herself, and others, down.  And then the positive (and focused) person always seems to accomplish more and have more fun doing it.

You can go about creating your affirmations, depending on what you need to work on, or you can start with the basics, such as the "I like myself," above. Other basic affirmations are along the lines of, "I am Happy," "I am confident," "I am attractive," and so on.

There's a trick, though. If you say them once, they won't work. Just for today pick one affirmation, to start, and say it out loud ten times, while looking in the mirror (Ok, we're getting tough here. 😉 ) Do it in right after you wake up, at some point mid-day, and again when you go to bed. You don't have to do it with other people around.

The nest step is to keep doing that for a week. See how it makes you feel. If you can keep it up for three weeks it will start to become a habit and you will be feeling a lot better about doing it.

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What are Panic Attacks?

How to Control Your Panic Attacks

Stress and anxiety disorders can be found in just about any person.  Many people experience stress and anxiety so great that they can't do their day to day activities.  People who have panic attack on a regular basis can experience some symptoms such as trembling, dizziness, problems breathing, and pains in their stomach.  There are lots of people that go to the emergency room because they think that they are having a heart attack.  These are symptoms which are scary but they are not at all life threatening. 

To aid in gaining control of your panic attacks/phobias you should try to recognise what the triggers of your panic attacks.  If you are able to do this it will give you some time to be able to deal with it coming on.

Relaxation methods can help you stay focused and can calm you too.  Yoga, meditation, and some breathing techniques can help.  When you have a panic attack you react out of proportion and out of reality.  By practising breathing methods you should be able to remain calm and focus to help you stop the panic attack.

Diet pills, coffee, tea, soda and other intake of caffeine needs to be avoided at all means. Panic attacks can be triggered from within the central nervous system and that could be stimulated from the use of caffeine.

You should exercise on a regular basis.  By exercising it will release endorphins into the blood stream.  These are hormones that help you reach an euphoric feeling, at also can be called a "runners high."  Consistent exercise will help you stay focused, and also relaxed.

It is highly recommended that you research as much as you can before deciding to start taking any form of pills.

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Positive Thinking Powerful?

Positive thinking is, obviously, something that can have a great impact on a person. What is hard to understand is why positive thinking is so powerful for life improvement. That involves taking a good look at how positive thinking works.

Positive thinking works in three different ways. First, it works on you and your general attitude. Second, it works on the people around you. Lastly, it has a way of influencing your environment. How exactly positive thinking works on these things is, open for debate, though. Some people believe that positive thinking relates to karma. That whatever you put out there comes back to you. Others believe that positive thinking is a mental thing that triggers positive things. Whatever your beliefs, it is hard to doubt the power of positive thinking.

You will feel how powerful positive thinking is. Once you start to implement positive thinking in your life, you will start to see it work for you. Positive thinking has a way of changing your whole view on life. You will start to find the good in things and that will help you improve life. You will be less likely to feel down and instead you will allow positive thinking to guide you to happy thoughts. You will start to do everything in a more positive way, including the way you treat others. This will not go unnoticed. Your interaction with others plays a large part in your life.

It's a fact that other people will be significantly influenced by your positive thoughts. . You will start to see this because they are going to start treating you differently. Others can sense your positive attitude and they will treat you in a positive way. Someone who is often rude or just inattentive to you will likely start to treat you in a nice way or pay more attention to you.

You will start to find that people are more likely to offer you help when you need it. They will likely do nice things, such as hold doors open or just give you a smile. Your positive attitude can be very contagious. You may start to see people you spend a lot of time with exhibiting your positive attitude and positive thinking. Positive thinking has a way of even influencing your environment, but it may not be in the way you think. Just because you think positive does not mean that everything will automatically go your way.

However, when you think positively you will be less likely to see the negative in things and therefore your environment will appear to change. You will probably start to notice the little things more than ever before and that will have a nice effect on you.

Positive thinking will allow you to believe in yourself. It will allow you to believe that you can accomplish something if you put your mind to it. You will be able to set goals and reach them because you will believe that you can achieve it. Negative thoughts will no longer hold you down.

Positive thinking is very influential. It is going to start to shape everyone and everything around you. You are going to see the great power it has almost immediately. The power of positive thinking is not subtle. You have to make an effort to use positive thinking to turn all your thoughts and ideas into positive ones. It is up to you to push the negativity out of your head and let positive thoughts guide you.

When you start to find your thoughts, drifting to the negative it is your responsibility to make an effort to make them positive instead. Start training yourself to always see the positive side in any situation. One you do this it will go a long way towards changing your attitude.

The power of positive thinking is that it will shape your life. Positivist is so contagious that it will affect the world around you. You will start to see positive thinking everywhere you go.

Positive thinking has a power that is undeniable. It is something that will not be subtle. It will have such a great impact on you and your life that you will wonder how you ever lived before putting it to work in your life. The true power of positive thinking is that it allows you to live life to its fullest potential and for all that, it has to offer without letting negativity bring you down.

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