Fantastic Speakers

Inspiration or motivational speakers specialise in making professional speeches to lift up, motivate and engage the audience. Motivational speaker may communicate a new strategy with clarity to help employees see whats happening in a positive light and pull the workers together.


Some speakers can be labelled as both motivational and inspirational at the same time but there is a difference in the two types. A warm and encouraging message based on a storey of overcoming an obstacle is normally delivered by an inspirational speaker. A motivational speaker on the other hand will deliver a presentation which is energetic and encouraging to the people attending to go on and perform something.

Motivational speakers who are good

We have seen many excellent speakers in the last few decades and some that were great but cut their careers short by some of the things they have mentioned within their speeches. Some of the most notable ones are: Canfield, Jack - co-creator to the Chicken Soup for the Soul books that boasts close to 200 titles in it all contain motivational essays and stories. Jack also specialises in self esteem seminers in the US, and also written books on the matter as well, he also is the founder of Self Esteem Seminars in Culver City and Santa Barbara, California. Deepak Chopra is an American physician born in India and is an author and lecturer on Ayurveda spirituality and mind-body medicine. Late in the 80's he began to publish self help books on New Age Spirituality and the alternative medicines. Chris Gardner a self made millionaire and entrepreneur, philanthropist as well as motivational speaker. Who in the early 80s was struggling with homelessness when raising his toddler son. Chris released his memories in 2006 in a book called the Pursuit of Happiness, which was released as a holiday movie later that year. Tony Robins also an American self help author as well as motivational speaker and written some excellent books as well. Unlimited power was published in 1987 and discusses topics of health and energy, overcoming fears and persuasive communication, and enhancing relationships. What makes these people so succesful is what they talk and write about. Just like inspirational motivational speakers. They themselves have gone through or know people who have and so researched and then written books or papers on this. So gives them the great energy to pass onto you and make your spine tingle.

Motivational speakers in today society

Modern motivational speakers are used by corporations to help increase profits and can do this as motivated employees are kept focused and on track and work harder for the end goal. Compared to those that are no longer motivated in their job do the bare minimum to do their job and so causing a drain on the company and lowering profits. This type of speech a speaker will come prepared with things such as humour containing a message to help motivate the employees. A speakers knows that so many people today lack their self confidence and so in some roles this can make there job harder especially in sales roles and so give a new self-confidence can help greatly. This will give new energy and positive thoughts and renew the commitment to their job.

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