Top Ten List of Stage Fright Tools

10.   Learn to Control your Breathing in any situation.

9.    Manage your energy so that you are neither lethargic nor edgy at performance time.

8.     Write or Type your Presentation and Highlight the important parts of your entire presentation. 

7.    Practice in front of friends, family, and whoever else you can get to watch. Slow Down your delivery! We all tend to talk much too fast when speaking. SLOW DOWN! Stop at the highlighted points you made for dramatic impact.

6.   Keep your Body Fit and Healthy so that you can fight stage fright’s adrenaline effects.

6.    Visualize your success. Practice on the actual stage, or in the delivery room, the night or morning before your on stage if you can. This helps immensely! Visualize looking into the audience as "perceived" eye contact seals the deal. You do not have to "see" the audience, just pretend to look directly at some of them. It is fun. It will help you relax because you know your subject and what you are saying!

4.    Use a professional performance coach. There are many.

3.  Use memorization techniques to commit your performance to memory, that follows the pages you typed.

2.    Become comfortable with coping mechanisms to manage the symptoms of stage fright you can't eliminate. BREATH! Relax! Calm. Deliver!

1.    Practice, Practice, Practice! Practice Makes Perfect...If you still need help, I talk in length about a secret that will guarantee you to perform the best you can. It is in my eBook, "Secrets to Public Speaking". eMail me for the low price and delivery of the eBook.

Remember, most people in any audience does not know what the presenter is talking about. Smile, do the Top Ten and know your presentation and people will follow you even if you stumble during the act. People feel sympathy for mistakes public speakers make and when you make a mistake, you are human and people don't care. So if you stumble or make a mistake, do not slow down, just a quick joke or just keep moving. It will be just fine!

Stage fright can be a scary, overwhelming experience. However, it does not have to ruin your business or performing life as it can be overcome. While presented here are may be several solutions for overcoming stage fright, there are more solutions available as well.

5 Easy Strategies for Effective Teleseminar Marketing

In this article, I'm going to share with you 5 easy methods to marketing your teleseminars.

1. Affiliates - Partner with some of the top experts in your industry and work with them to involve them in your teleseminar. Just drop them an email or an actual letter inviting them to participate the teleseminar and give them an affiliate commission.

2. Viral Marketing - A great way to help create new free leads and registrants for your teleseminar is to integrate viral marketing systems . Some strategies you can use are after the person signs up, ask them to refer some friends, post on facebook, or post a tweet on twitter. This strategy alone can generate a great number of leads for your teleseminar.

3. Press Releases - You can get the word out about your teleseminar by syndicating a press release. People in your industry, bloggers, and other media people are looking for new events and things going on in the industry and may talk about your call . PRWeb is the best solution for syndicating your press release to thousands of people.

4. The Blogging Community - Bloggers have a great influence on buying decisions, especially high profile bloggers . So reach out to some of the top bloggers in your space and invite them to share the news about your call. You can take it a step further and invite to do a call exclusively.

5. Email Marketing - If you've built a list for your business the best way to reach out to your customers and prospects to join your call  is through email. If you're using MailChimp, GetResponse, or Aweber to send your email, you can use their followups to automatically send your prospects to the automated teleseminar marketing.

That's it! There 5 easy ways to do teleseminar marketing.

Public Speaking Means By no means Saying “I’m Sorry”

Within the romantic film, "Love Story", a phrase about love was launched that went, "Love means never having to say your sorry".  And while anybody who is married knows how untrue that is, we might easily adapt that idea to the world of public speaking.   While you may occasionally have event that you simply really feel it is best to categorical regret to your audience, it’s a tough and fast rule of public talking to by no means apologize to your audience.

The psychological principle behind this rule is stable and it's not based mostly just in ego.  We aren't putting this rule in place since you are infallible or to put out a picture of the tremendous speaker.  The rule is grounded in the relationship between an viewers and a public speaker that's well-known and how you need to create and use that chemistry to have success in your own public speaking career.

When a speaker gets up before a gaggle, there are the assumptions that the group has about you.  And they wish to know that these items are true so they know they will be made to really feel comfy during your presentation.  The core of those assumptions are….

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.    You are confident.
.    You know what you might be talking about.
.    That you simply like them, are enthusiastic about your subject material and are genuinely completely satisfied to be there.
.    You are comfy in the public talking function and
.    They wish to like you.

These assumptions are strongly ingrained into the psychology of a crowd and you'll relate to them as you have got listened to a speaker.  If that speaker is relaxed, pertains to the gang in a confident straightforward going approach and isn't easily "thrown" by the little issues that occur during a talk, then you definately calm down and in doing so, you are more open to what the speaker has to say.  

Learning to react to points that come up or to handle objections or perceived errors or weaknesses in your script is simply part of turning into confident as a speaker  It is best to turn into satisfied past the shadow of a doubt that that contract between you and your viewers is more important even than any little drawback that comes up.   Once you do have to adjust, lose your home or respond to a question that points to a flaw in your presentation, the actual challenge that's on trial here is just not the problem or even how you answer.  It's whether or not you possibly can deal with that problem with grace and poise and move on that makes the difference.

Should you turn out to be flustered or violate that assumption that you're assured and you already know what you are doing up there, you create insecurity in the audience.  And that is the last thing they wish to experience.  An audience is a captive population and so they know that.  So that they wish to such as you and have the ability to belief you to be their captain and safely information them by to the other facet, even if the trip is a bit bumpy alongside the way.

For this reason an apology for a problem, a weak spot in your materials is a big mistake during a presentation.  If a query surfaces a problem, much better to simply acknowledge it with "you know you convey up a good point.  Let me research that and get back to you" quite than to apologize.  That maintains your confidence as your means to continue to be in leadership as you speak.  And it makes the little problems that come up merely go away.  When you have that ability, you'll seize and keep mastery of a public speaking situation.  And that can guarantee your success.

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How To Hire A Business Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a powerful business motivational speaker for your next event? This article can help you determine the appropriate speaker to bring in.

Let's cut to the brass and tacks: you've got a company to run. That means the bottom line is important. Sure, you need someone who can motivate, inspire, persuade, and all that excellent stuff, but overall, you need someone who can enhance net revenue by fostering better employee performance.
With that being said, business motivational speakers are large-scale strategists and coaches. These folks offer an summary of their own experience and give what they've seen do the job in their area of expertise. By doing this, they can assist your company embrace a piece of their attitude and style of thinking. They will improve the company by offering info and effective messages of motivation, leadership, and enlightenment.

Having said that, you can't simply grab anybody off the streets who calls himself or herself as a professional speaker. One remedy is to shell out the big-bucks and select a high-profile corporate speaker for your event. This can be worth it to a lot of groups as the celebrity-draw by itself can be worth the extra ticket sales, attendance, and buzz around an event.

For most groups, they are looking for the greatest bang for their dollar and want somebody who can provide a wallop of a speech and not bust the bank. Here are some tips on how to pick the ideal business motivational speaker for your event.

Business Motivational Speaker Tip #1: Consider Your Marketing Materials

If you've been a meeting planner for any amount of time, you have probably received the marketing materials of motivational speakers who would prefer to speak at your event. Go through them and use this very basic filter:

"Does this particular person bug me?"

If there's something concerning their strategy that bothers you, toss 'em! This is your time to NOT be nice and weed out the no-go's. Give a call or send an inquiry email to individuals which remain, and put the process on repeat. If they bug you in their response, get rid of 'em!!

Business Motivational Speaker Tip #2:Ask for recommendations from dependable sources.

You've got a lot of folks who have been in your shoes beforeyou. Ask co-workers or people in your position in other companies for their recommendations. You could easily steer clear of a catastrophe with this approach… and similarly you might locate your dream-speaker with just a few brief phone telephone calls.

Business Motivational Speaker Tip #3: Consult with a speakers bureaus.

Getting in touch with a reliable speakers' bureau can be a real delight if you work with the correct company. They can help you with just about anything concerning your event.

They'll give you several speakers you can choose from who they represent, and after that the bureau could take a cut of the speaker's fee. Once you method them, make sure that you comprehend what you want to attain by holding your event. Any decent bureau should make the whole process smooth and simple.

Understand before you take this option, however, that these folks are commission-based, so they're going to normally try and charge you the most that they can; they're in business to make income as well. Some meeting planners have had far better luck with pricing when they've accomplished their own speaker searches. It ought to be noted that it's sleazy to get all the facts you need from a bureau and after that bypass the bureau by reserving the speaker directly. This is not only unprofessional but it leads to difficulties between bureaus and speakers.

If you're looking to bring in a business motivational speaker to your next event , consider bringing in John Beede is a motivational speaker who has climbed dozens of the world's tallest mountain tops and has aided to build several companies valued at several millions of dollars.

Inspiration from Motivational Speakers

More and more managers and senior teaching staff have started to realise the major benefits that motivational speakers can bring to their school or workplace. But still many others haven’t yet witnesses the change they can bring about. Whether in school, college, the office or some other work place, motivated people work harder, produce better results and get along better. Prices aren’t cheap: consumers are happy to pay quite a premium for the services of someone with the sought-after ability to inspire and motivate others using positivity. But providing it’s a quality motivational speaker who is hired the return on the investment is clear for all to see.

At work it is often all too easy for individuals to feel that their contribution goes unnoticed and that the work they do does not influence to overall success of the team. It’s forgivable that feeling this way causes employees to become complacent, not try so hard and to produce results that are below what they are capable of. At the same time it isn’t uncommon for resentment and communication breakdowns within the team to begin. Fortunately these problems are really only the result of employees losing track of their aims and their purpose and the problem can be easily solved. Motivational speakers, unlike managers, will not seek to preach or punish but will hand each individual the power to see the importance of their contribution in reaching a shared goal.

Similarly, identifying team members with certain traits, characteristics or qualities is something that the best motivational speakers do. It is often the case that the workers themselves are unaware of their skills or qualities and all it takes is the motivational speaker to show them how to harness their skills to improve the workplace.

Educational establishments tend to use motivational speakers as well. Usually they are a different type of speaker than the ones who speak at businesses. For example they may place emphasis on self motivation. Teenagers particularly often feel helpless and put upon, as though they have little control over their lives. Motivational speakers often relay inspiring personal stories to boost self belief and to make young people see they do have a say in their future. Whilst many motivational speakers address students to motivate and inspire them, others are there to warn them of dangers such as drugs.