Master the Stage

This has been a favorite technique of psychologists for years. By visualizing
yourself having achieved your goal, you prepare yourself for success. Just make
sure that you only visualize positive things, as negative visualizations are,
unfortunately, just as potent.

Whether you’ve only performed once or have performed a thousand times, a little
bit of professional coaching can make a huge difference in your performance
ability, your confidence level, and your stage fright. If you can’t afford a personal
coach, try a group coaching session or a class instead.

Understanding the Audience
The important thing to remember is that the audience is there to watch you
succeed. They are there to see a great show, which places them firmly on your

Understanding Your Self-Confidence
Self-confidence is the corner stone on which this whole book rests. While there
are an infinite number of techniques for minimizing and coping with the
symptoms of stage fright, only increased self-confidence can attack the fear at its

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
A tried and true method for changing emotional reactions (like stage fright) to
certain situations (like performances). This method works best with professional
guidance, but has cured many different people of stage fright completely.

Somewhere in my research I ran across the above thoughts. It may help some people, as the thoughts are all good advice. I will write more about these thoughts in the near future. In the mean time do not blow a fuse when tasked to speak. It can be overcome quickly and for the long run. See more of my posts on this blog.

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