Is Coaching for Self Improvement You

What is Life Coaching ? It is a method of having clients make more important decisions about their professional or personal lives. Coaches help the person in learning about themselves, their important relationships, styles of learning, leading, managing employees, devising decisions and managing conflict. Coaching is an effective process for individuals to discover what’s important –in their personal values– and to be more successful in acting on what’s important. Life Coaching is a developmental method based on identifying and buildingimproving upon the individual’s strengths and internal resources.

How does life coaching work? Through a series of sessions with a professional coach , individuals identify goals, limiting assumptions to success and action steps to help them achieve their goals. The coach helps the individual in keeping to priorities they say are important. Coaches ask good questions that support learning and render supportive reinforcement to put new insights into practice.

The number of sessions do vary based on the clients needs. The coaching arrangement and financial compensation are negotiated between the individual and the coach.

How does coaching benefit individuals and business leaders? While coaching has been a professional development resource in the private sector world, individuals and staff have only recently come to realize the importance of coaching for learning to cope with the multiple challenges and stresses of every day life. A contrasting result for some coaching clients have been reaching clarity that it was time for them to move on. In this case, the individual felt more empowered and in control of their life.

How is life coaching different from counselling or therapy? The intent of life coaching is to help the client identify personal and professional strengths and build methods based on these strengths to accomplish their goals. Coaching does not delve into the personal story or psychological development of the client.

Is it the same as consulting? Not really. Inherent in consulting is the notion there is some expert background knowledge that the consultant can share with the client. It is known that with coaching, the solutions can be found within the individual. The coach’s function is to help surface these solutions.

What happens if I want to stop the life coaching process? We will work with you until you are successful in achieving your goals or the approach you require. If you wish to stop the coaching altogether, then please let us know and you will be reimbursed for the balance of unused coaching time.

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