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Desire to Attract Abundance Into Your Life?

Do you have a desire to attract abundance into your life ? Have you considered trying emotional freedom technique or commonly named EFT? EFT was created by Gary Craig , which he developed a method of tapping on the body's meridian points using your fingertips , like acupuncture but without the needles . A combined process where you tune into your bodies energy system while speaking what your feeling in the moment and tapping on specific body meridian points .  Not a difficult process by any means, just sounds perhaps a little odd if you have not yet experienced it.

A trained Clinical Social Worker, Carol Look ,with a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy & a distinguished background in traditional psychotherapy, has discovered that a combination of her training in conjunction with EFT has brought beneficial results to her clients. As well as unlimited success in her practice.

In the addictions & weight loss area is where Carol first discovered life changing & effective results with her clients using EFT . A process by which she helped her clients release their disruptions or emotional blocks in their energy system , she began to see beneficial results quickly.

Carol is a distinguished instructor and enjoys sharing her knowledge of EFT, was a pioneer in applying her unique methods to the EFT application. She has been named the first EFT Master by Gary Craig.Carol has written many classic EFT training books such as How to Lose Weight with EFT, Quit Smoking Now with EFT & Clear Clutter with EFT. Carol also has developed, through a passion of hers , a specialty for helping clients become empowered to attract abundance into their lives.  Discover more about Carol Look EFT and her process to Attract Abundance using EFT.