How to Make an Impact on Your Feet

For most people the idea of getting up on your feet in front of an audience to speak or deliver a presentation can fill them with fear, anxiousness and panic . Some presenters let their nerves completely get the better of them and as they stand up they shuffle nervously with their prompt cards and the perspiration begins to flow   . Others completely lose their capacity to think and stand in silence searching the vacuum of their mind for the next words  which can result in an instant loss of credibility. Being able to present with total self-assurance and impact is nowadays an essential tool in the arsenal of any leader. Their ability to deliver high quality presentations will often be the difference between closing the deal, influencing the right people and winning the hearts and minds of their people or losing the business, their client’s trust and their own reputation.

Mastering the ability to deliver a knock-out presentation  is a core leadership skill whether delivering a message or handling a Q&A session at the end of an executive board facilitation.

There is a common view  that speaking in public  is a gift that you either are born with or not , that comes naturally or doesn’t. What we've learnt over time from working with thousands of top class presenters shatters these myths and we know it is possible to transform run of the mill presenters into excellent presenters and excellent presenters into truly outstanding ones  . The three C's are critical components of this journey. 

• Confidence – The word confidence is derived from the Latin for  ‘fidere’ – to trust . It indicates the ability to trust yourself, to get out of the way of your own performance in such a way as to more powerfully express your message .  Having confidence will boost your presence and credibility  . It comes partly from being well prepared; if you weren't sure about your speech and content  then it would be hard to be confident. It’s also a state of mind you can deliberately enhance once the preparation is done and its time to deliver. For you the speaker, confidence will be experienced viscerally  , but the audience can see and hear it. 

 • Congruence - When people express themselves, they do so through several channels of communication – with the words that they use , but also with their body movement and their voice. You are congruent when all these three channels are aligned . The effect of congruence is to communicate with impact, precision, focus and clarity. 

• Connection –   Connection relates to the feeling of connection you have with another person when they are on their feet presenting  . When you sense a personal connection with someone you tend then to like them, they are more believable and credible
. And we are more ready to be influenced by people we like and feel connected to than people we don’t like and feel no connection to. Think about some prominent public figures that you see present on TV, do you like them? Do you feel you have made a connection with the person who is speaking to you? Or did you feel no real affinity for them at all ? What about if you met them at a formal function  , how comfortable would you feel walking up to them and introducing yourself ?

A squash player might improve their play when they start to observe which way the ball is spinning as it travels through the air. A salesman might increase their sales figures if they qualify their prospects more effectively . A racing car driver might shave 100th of a second off his qualifying lap if  he times his acceleration right as he pulls out of each bend.

Making finer and finer adjustments to your performance is the key to mastery but you needn't do it alone. Every top flight athlete will rely on the feedback of an experienced coach to help them stay on track and make the adjustments for success, so get yourself a top executive coach, feel the fear and get on your feet!

Inspiration from Motivational Speakers

More and more managers and senior teaching staff have started to realise the major benefits that motivational speakers can bring to their school or workplace. But still many others haven’t yet witnesses the change they can bring about. Whether in school, college, the office or some other work place, motivated people work harder, produce better results and get along better. Prices aren’t cheap: consumers are happy to pay quite a premium for the services of someone with the sought-after ability to inspire and motivate others using positivity. But providing it’s a quality motivational speaker who is hired the return on the investment is clear for all to see.

At work it is often all too easy for individuals to feel that their contribution goes unnoticed and that the work they do does not influence to overall success of the team. It’s forgivable that feeling this way causes employees to become complacent, not try so hard and to produce results that are below what they are capable of. At the same time it isn’t uncommon for resentment and communication breakdowns within the team to begin. Fortunately these problems are really only the result of employees losing track of their aims and their purpose and the problem can be easily solved. Motivational speakers, unlike managers, will not seek to preach or punish but will hand each individual the power to see the importance of their contribution in reaching a shared goal.

Similarly, identifying team members with certain traits, characteristics or qualities is something that the best motivational speakers do. It is often the case that the workers themselves are unaware of their skills or qualities and all it takes is the motivational speaker to show them how to harness their skills to improve the workplace.

Educational establishments tend to use motivational speakers as well. Usually they are a different type of speaker than the ones who speak at businesses. For example they may place emphasis on self motivation. Teenagers particularly often feel helpless and put upon, as though they have little control over their lives. Motivational speakers often relay inspiring personal stories to boost self belief and to make young people see they do have a say in their future. Whilst many motivational speakers address students to motivate and inspire them, others are there to warn them of dangers such as drugs.

Perfect Maid of Honor Sister Speeches in Just a Few Easy Steps

Your sister is getting married and as you had hoped she has asked you to be the maid of honor at her wedding. You can’t wait until her big day arrives and you're happy to have the chance to help her with the preparations. After all there is dress shopping, hair, make-up and venue decoration to organize. Every girl’s dream! Nonetheless your enthusiasm takes a bit of a blow when you remember the speech. Maid of honor sister speeches are especially important and you want to make your sister proud, even if you're dreading it. Don’t worry, I will provide you with some tips and advice to assist you deliver your speech in style.

First of all, you need to determine what to say. Commence by creating some notes of what you would like to include. Make them personal. You may possibly include something about why your sister is so special to you, how great she looks for the day and your best wishes to the newlyweds for their future.

Once you have your notes, it is possible to commence writing your speech out properly. Add in any details that your sister would like you to include. She may want you to thank someone for her, for instance. If possible, use small cards rather than a large sheet of paper to write your speech on. It will look a lot more professional.

Now that your speech is written, you will have to begin practicing it. You should say it out loud a few times, to make certain that you are comfortable with all the words and phrases you have chosen. If it is possible to, practice in front of a mirror so that you can see how you'll look and tame down any wild hand gestures.

Now that you have practiced your speech and you're delighted that you have everything written down, you ought to be ready to give one of the most memorable maid of honor speeches, the wedding guests have ever heard. If nonetheless you are still feeling nervous about your maid of honor speech, or just the thought of speaking in public, you can find resources that provide all the help, support and sample speeches that you could ever require.